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Adding Employee Information

Employers are required to provide a list of eligible employees within 30 days of registration and any time a new eligible employee joins the company. This information is needed so that Illinois Secure Choice can contact the employee about the program, initiating a 30−day opt−out window.

When should this step be completed?

You are required to upload a roster of employees within 30 days of Illinois Secure Choice company registration. After this, information for new employees should be added within 30 days of their hire date.


Information you will need to complete this step:

Eligible employees must be employed in the state of Illinois, be age 18 or older, and have a valid Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Provide this information for all eligible employees:

Important: Please review the accuracy of your company employee records before submitting this information to Illinois Secure Choice to ensure communications are delivered. After this information is successfully submitted, your employee will manage their own contact information when they set up their account.


Adding employee information

You have several options for how to add employee information:

  • Add information manually (recommended for small employee rosters)
  • Upload a file using our formatted template
  • If you rely on a vendor-provided payroll solution to manage employee data, connect them to your account.

Many employers find it easier to use the file upload process than manual entry. Use this template to upload your employee roster

Download Template

Payroll solutions

If you rely on a vendor-provided payroll solution to manage emplyee data, there are three ways you can connect them to your account:

If you use a payroll solution, review the support information before you begin adding employee information.

What comes next?

After your employee information is added:


Your employees will be sent an invitation from Illinois Secure Choice to set up their account – or opt out if they prefer not to participate. Each employee will have 30 days to customize their account or opt out. Employees who do not take any action will be enrolled automatically using the standard account settings.

During this 30-day period, there are a few tasks you can complete to prepare to send contributions.

If your information Is not added successfully:

Confirm that the information in the employee record is correct. If it is not, correct it and re-send the employee welcome packet.

Frequently asked questions

What are pay schedules?

A pay schedule is a term used to describe how frequently your employees are paid (ex. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). When you add an employee’s information to the program, you will indicate their pay schedule. Employees that are paid at the same time should be included in the same pay schedule. You can name this pay schedule with any name you want.

What are pay schedule groups?

A pay schedule group is an additional (optional) way to group your employees (i.e., like a folder). If you have employees that have different pay dates or locations, you may wish to group those employees in separate pay schedule groups. You can name a pay group with any name you want.
Here is an example:
Springfield Branch (Pay schedule group)
Weekly Paid Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4

Bi-Weekly Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4

What does it mean that employees are automatically enrolled?

Automatic enrollment means that following notification, employers will enroll eligible employees in Illinois Secure Choice unless employees have elected to opt out of the program.

Are employee signatures needed to enroll employees, open their accounts, and start making payroll deductions?

No. Employee signatures are not required to open employee accounts or to start making payroll deductions. A signature is necessary to make certain changes to accounts such as naming beneficiaries, changing contribution rates, changing investments, or taking withdrawals.

How long will the enrollment process for employers take to complete online?

The amount of time to complete the employee enrollment process will vary, depending on how many employees you have and whether you enter them in one at a time or by bulk upload using an electronic format provided by the program. Initial enrollment may take as little as a few minutes but can take longer if you are entering large numbers of employees one at a time.

If an employee already has an account with the program through another employer, do I need to find the employee's account in the system?

No, you do not need to worry about identifying an existing account for an employee who tells you they already have one. You will simply provide basic information about the employee, and Illinois Secure Choice will use an employee's information to ensure new contributions go into the employee’s existing account.

What should I do if an employee asks me for advice about the program or investment options?

You should refer the employee to the program website or call center for questions about the program or their Illinois Secure Choice account. Employees should contact their financial advisors for investment advice.

How will the Illinois Secure Choice program provide me with informational materials for my employees?

Illinois Secure Choice will make materials available online. Employers can provide materials electronically to their employees or print them out. If employers provide email addresses for their employees, the program can provide the materials directly to the employees on behalf of the employer. Some printed materials may be made available to employees as well.

Are H-2A visa holders eligible for the program?

Are H-2A visa holders eligible for the program? Yes, however, they will only be enrolled and have an account created for them if they work for more than 60 days and if enough verifiable information is available to create an account in their name. If the program is unable to verify their information, their account will not be established.

Are my employees who live in other states eligible for Illinois's program?

Yes, if their employment is based in Illinois.

Are seasonal employees eligible?

Yes, if they work for an employer for more than 60 days, which is the window for employers to enroll new hires in the program. If they work for less than 60 days, the employer will not need to enroll them.